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Nowadays, cars play an essential role in the daily life. They are important because they can offer a common means of transportation. Cars are useful if it is a long trip or just a short trip to run errands around the town. Here are some very useful tips for long life and to getting the most out of your car battery.

6 very useful tips to prolong the life of your car battery
  1. Just enjoy a regular drive in your car.
    If you kept your car stationary for a long period that will affects the charging capacity of your battery. If you need to maintain the required level of charge in your car battery use your car regularly.
  2. Make sure that your car engine is serviced regularly.
    Overloading in the car battery may cause due to the bad condition of the engine and also reduce the life of your battery.
  3. Ensure the secure condition of the battery and clean the battery case.
    Vibrations can damage the battery plates hence make sure that the battery is always secured. Check battery terminals regularly. Loose connections of battery terminals can cause breakdowns. Ensure that your battery case and terminals are checked and cleaned properly after every major service. Damaging of battery can be caused by drift and dampness.
  4. Avoid draining.
    Avoid leaving vehicle accessories on regularly as this will discharge the battery which will then require a recharge. Recharge constantly may shorten the life of your battery.
  5. Never jump start a flat car battery.
    Jump starting can damage the electronics in many modern cars. So avoid jump starting of flat car battery for the prolong life of your car battery.
  6. Insulation kit.
    Insulate the battery from extreme temperature changes with a car battery insulation kit. These usually come with new cars already, however you can find replacements specifically made to fit your car's battery compartment. The sleeves are usually plastic or an acid resistant/thermal resistant material that insulates your battery but still allows it to vent. Check the water level of the car battery in regular basis.




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